Bashford Antiques parking spot: The saga continues

Bashford Antiques parking spot: The saga continues

You may remember the story of Bashford Antiques, the parking spot where people were being clamped regularly, and the pizza maker.

Following our story, social media was overloaded with complaints about the store's clamping policy and the owners' charming responses to them.

Bashford Antiques said they didn't profit from the clamping outside their shop, but later sent an email to Newshub confirming Premier Parking Services, the clamping company, was fully owned and operated by Bashford Antiques Ltd.

But it still leaves behind the question as to who the mystery clamper may be.

If you thought the events so far have been dramatic, now add in a sex shop owner masquerading as a blue-blooded prince who attempted to steal a yacht.

It's stranger than fiction and it's the newest chapter in the clamping saga. It's the gift outside the shop that keeps on giving.

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