Calls for child sex offender register to be made public

  • 11/09/2016
Calls for child sex offender register to be made public

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is calling for the new child sex offender register to be made publicly available.

When the register begins operating, sex offenders will be required by law to provide personal information and inform police of any change in their circumstances.

But Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesperson Scott Guthrie says it won't be available to the public.

"They have the right to know where these dangerous sex offenders live, and it's just farcical that police are going to have the file, the Department of Corrections can have the file but the public is not going to have any access to it."

Mr Guthrie insists the public has a right to know who's living next to them.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust believes children will be unnecessarily put at risk under the framework for the register.

But making it available to the public would breach the Privacy Act.

"We've seen repetitive sex offenders in action, and if the community aren't aware of who's living in their community it's got a huge effect," says Mr Guthrie.

"They have the right to know who next door to them. We've got to keep our children safe."

The Government put $8.2 million toward the development of the register in the May Budget.

The register will operate on a tiered system, with offenders required to be on it for a term of life, 15 years or eight years.