CityFitness 'targeting' bodybuilders over poses

Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward is passionate about her bodybuilding and bodybuilding competitions.

However, she is upset that she has been banned from practicing competition poses at her favourite gym - CityFitness.

"To put us in a little cage and say 'you're not going to pose here, you're not going to do this, you're not going to wear that' - it's just disempowering, and it doesn't give us the credit for what we really do," she says.

"It's been outrage. Every one's been outraged. It's just been shared so many times by so many of my bodybuilding friends."

The ban was introduced after a bodybuilder practiced their routine in front of mirrors in their underwear.

The gym said it could create an uncomfortable environment for other gym goers.

"If I saw someone in their underwear at the gym I would tell them to go and put some clothes on," Ms Ward says.

"It's not something I've ever encountered. It's not something I've ever seen."

CityFitness is a nationwide chain with more than 20 fitness club and gym locations across the country.

For the last two year it has been the winner of the Canstar most satisfied customers gyms award - from a customer satisfaction research and ratings agency.

However, Ms Ward is certainly not happy, and says she will change gyms and has already been offered a free membership.

"I'll be looking for a new gym," she says. "I've been offered a gym membership with Anytime Fitness, so I'll be taking that up."

CityFitness is standing firm. They told Newshub that their gyms were not the appropriate place for members to use the facilities purely to practice a bodybuilding routine, and asked them to find alternative locations for such practice.

Ms Ward disagrees.

"My only theory is that they're trying to weed bodybuilding out of their gym. They're saying that's not true, but I find that hard to believe, considering other athletes are more than welcome to do their practice for their sports," she says.

"Often I'll see a girl in her crop top. They're not banning that. They're banning posing."