Clamped cars and turf wars on upmarket Auckland street

Clamped cars and turf wars on upmarket Auckland street

When you think of turf wars and local disputes breaking out in New Zealand, you probably wouldn't expect Auckland's upmarket Grey Lynn to make the headlines.

But late night trips to ATMs, police call outs, clamped wheels and trespass notices have become the new norm on one particular street, with locals and restaurant diners alike caught up in the drama.

Outside Bashford Antiques on Williamson Ave, there are four parking spaces. One has a clamping sign, the other a towing sign - but two spaces have no signage.

Drivers like Hannah saw there was no sign and parked there, only to return later to find a business card attached to her windscreen telling her she had been clamped.

The man who clamped her car approached her saying it would be $220 and would only accept cash.

"I was obviously a bit shocked and I asked if I could have a warning. He said he couldn't," says Hannah.

The clamper said he worked for Premiere Clamping Services but when Story investigated there was no company registered with that name and we were unable to get hold of anyone using the phone number on the clamping sign.

Although police were called, nothing could be done so Hannah had to pay the $220 fine.

When Story approached the antiques shop owner, they said it was private property and they were within the law.

Down the road at the Italian restaurant, owner Tito Cucciniello has lost count of the number of his customers that have been clamped.

"I think 30 to 40 cars. They just come out for a dinner and after the bill they have to also pay $220 more to free their car," says Mr Cucciniello who feels his customers are being let down.

Mr Cucciniello went down to the car park to try and help and was issued a trespass order against him which lasts for two years.

Bashford Antiques’ owner denies any link between her business and the operator of the clamping service but the war doesn't end there.

Story was told what seems like a dramatic evening on this street is also a typical one.

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