Coffin club where members build and prepare their own coffins

Woman and coffin
Woman and coffin

If you're looking for a new hobby, we may have found something you never considered - building your own coffin.

Coffee clubs are out and coffin clubs, where adults get together and prepare their own coffins, are the new hot socialisation technique.

It's interactive, cheaper than an undertaker and you can even have a themed coffin if you want.

The coffin club in Rotorua now has around 80 members and there are 10 other clubs around the country. Members join for company and a bargain.

Each coffin costs about $250 to make, which is much cheaper than the $6000 you could be charged.

They have made around 300 coffins already but it's not all fun and games at the club, as little coffins are also made for premature babies.

The club gives the small coffins to the local hospital where they are given to grieving parents - an emotion some of the club members know about.

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