NZ weather: Conditions expected to ease nationwide

  • 09/09/2016
(Annabelle Tukia / Newshub.)
(Annabelle Tukia / Newshub.)

The wild weather which has lashed large parts of the country in recent days looks set to clear for the weekend, according to forecasters.

Allister Gorman from MetService says motorists shouldn't have too many problems on Friday.

"In the South Island, most of the passes shouldn't be receiving any more snow, [while] in the North Island there may be a little bit of snow first thing in some of the higher roads," he explained.

However, the tricky conditions are not completely over so drivers should not become complacent, he says, with Lewis Pass and Desert Rd closed due to snow and ice.

"Some places in the southern North Island will probably experience some pretty good frosts for this time of the year [and] some of the high roads will have some ice in place, so drivers should be cautious in the morning," he said.

"However, conditions will get better as the day goes on."

Interislander and Bluebridge ferries travelling across the Cook Strait were cancelled again on Friday.

Strong winds are expected to continue hammering Wellington, the Chatham Islands and coastal Wairarapa, but MetService says Banks Peninsula and Kaikoura should see gusts ease sharply as the day goes on.

Mr Gorman says Gisborne and northern Hawkes Bay should expect cold, wet weather to remain for a bit longer than the rest of the country.