Opinion: Here's why there's a housing crisis

Former Housing NZ site on Asquith Ave, Mt Albert
Former Housing NZ site on Asquith Ave, Mt Albert

Three years ago, tenants in 34 Housing NZ units were kicked out of their flats on Asquith Ave, in the Auckland suburb of Mt Albert.

Two years later, in February 2015, the units were finally demolished.

Now, as 2016 comes to an end, this prime 8000sqm, still sits empty.

No houses. Few plans. No building activity yet.

Something may be here by 2018 - it may not. It's a 'special housing area', with not one special house.

By the time houses are here in 2018, this prime site in Auckland will have sat empty for five years. No wonder people are living in garages and cars.

We simply aren't building enough affordable homes and state houses.

And no example highlights the problem more than the crisis on Asquith Ave, Mt Albert.

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