Exclusive: Investigation underway into English test results

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority is investigating allegations against a popular Auckland-based international college. 

The investigation relates to complaints made by two current employees, who have alleged they were instructed to prepare hundreds of fake English language test results. 

Newshub emphasises the claims are refuted by the international school.   

The International Academy of New Zealand (IANZ) markets itself online as a place of academic prowess, but employee Jaswinder Kaur says that's not what she experienced - and she's laid a complaint with NZQA.

She alleges results from more than 250 English language entry tests were faked.

"For all these four sections, nothing is real. Everything is fake. All the numbers we put here are fake."

In her complaint, Jaswinder alleges students were given the answers to copy for most sections of the English language entry tests, and she was told to invent a grade for their speaking test. 

"I was told to put five or higher scores," she says. "To make sure the student passed and we complied with NZQA requirement."

Students should pass an English language test before they start the course. 

Instead, Jaswinder's complaint alleges she was told to alter the documents to make it look as though that happened.

"I was told to back date these according to the student entry," she says.

She says she did so - fearing if she didn't she would lose her job and her visa.

"I was threatened that if I am not able to do these record changes then they will fire me, which was really scary at that time," Jaswinder says.

The director of the school denies all claims, saying: "I can assure you that the conduct you refer to has not occurred."

He claimed those making allegations have been influenced by a former employee. 

However, Newshub is aware that after the complaint was made with NZQA, IANZ has found what it calls "unexplained discrepancies" in its student files and is doing its own investigation. 

Another employee, Daljeet Kaur, has alleged in a separate complaint that while working at IANZ she was also told to pass students while marking English speaking tests - even if they couldn't speak English at all.

Since making her complaint, she has been suspended from IANZ.

Both women believe they'll lose their jobs for speaking out, but say they're doing so for the students and the New Zealand's reputation.

The Government says it's taking the allegations seriously. 

"They would be very concerning for both NZQA and Immigration NZ," says Minister for Tertiary Education Steven Joyce.

"Knowing what I know about Immigration NZ and NZQA, when these sorts of things happen they take a very robust response".

The Minister went on to say that at any one time NZQA has around 30 to 40 investigations going on across the tertiary education sector. 

He also said that any allegations involving falsifying documents are taken seriously.

Newshub has confirmed IANZ is undergoing three external investigations - NZQA, Immigration New Zealand, and the Labour Inspectorate - which is looking into employment issues.