Fight to keep pools in schools across NZ

Fight to keep pools in schools across NZ

Learning to swim at school is synonymous with a Kiwi childhood, but now the school pool is under threat.

Around 160 schools have closed their pools in the last five years and another 130 are at risk, despite New Zealand having one of the highest drowning rates in the OECD.

Schools receive funding for swimming pools but school after school has said it does not stretch far enough.

It's a reality borne out by the numbers and it becomes a choice. Any extra funds spent on maintaining or fixing the pool can't be spent on facilities or classrooms.

But having a pool can make a huge and potentially life-saving difference so what is the solution?

One school has planned to try and put an end to our yearly drowning toll, starting with a sausage sizzle and swimming competition involving Olympian Lauren Boyle.

There's baking, taking selfies and swimming. The principal will tell you the school pools are a vital part of the community.

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