Foster child creates short film to help parents understand

Sydney Anne became a foster child when she was 15 after removing herself from her family home.

She says being a foster kid was fun in a lot of ways but also devastating as she would get attached to people and would then be moved on to the next home.

It made her an outcast at school and often felt everyone had parents but her.

"As a kid I would attach myself to people who were nice to me, like teachers, but they wouldn't attach themselves back because I'm not their kid," says Sydney Anne.

But she's now 23 and says she feels loved and wanted for the first time and she credits her foster parents.

"They made me feel like when I get married, in however many years, I will have someone to walk me down the aisle. I'll have someone help me get ready for my wedding. I won't be alone because they've never let me be alone."

Getting to this point has not been easy and now she's drawing on her experience and making a short film she hopes will help foster kids and parents better understand the emotions children go through.

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