Greens call student visa scams 'trafficking' ahead of protest

  • 02/09/2016

A protest march will take place on Saturday in support of around 150 international Indian students facing deportation over fraudulent visa applications.

Indian-based agents acting on behalf of the students used fake financial documents to obtain visas - without the students' knowledge.

Green Party MP Denise Roche says the students are innocent victims of a fraud scam and should be supported by way of a Government amnesty.

"Essentially they've come over here in good faith," she says. "They've paid money to get here, they're expecting to get an education.

"It's not their fault they're in this position and these people should be given exemptions."

Ms Roche says the scams are "nothing more than trafficking".

"We need to take a much closer look at the systems that are in place in the country of origin," she says.

The march will begin at midday outside the offices of National Party list MP Dr Paramjeet Parmar.