High speed chase terrifies BoP boatie

Shaun Hardy
Shaun Hardy

A Bay of Plenty man says he's scared to go back on the water after he got caught up in bizarre high speed boat chase.

Katikati boatie Shaun Hardy says five angry men approached him after he found what he thought was an illegal fishing net.

His Tuesday afternoon on Shelley Bay started out like any other, before he found himself fearing for his life as he was chased around the harbour by the group.

"Oh, crikey, it was um... it was pretty scary," says Mr Hardy.

After spotting a lifejacket floating in the water, he found it attached to a fishing net. He says when he realised no one was in danger, he pushed the netting back in the water.

That's when he noticed the men started to speed toward him, shouting at him and waving their arms.

The chase began at the northern end of Matakana Island and lasted more than an hour.

Mr Hardy called police during the chase, who asked him if he could see any weapons on the boat.

"We're fishing boats eh, we've got gaffs and knives, they're not weapons as such but they can be used as weapons," says Mr Hardy.

"It's put me off taking my boat out since."

Police are investigating the incident but say they don't know who the men were and because the boat has already disappeared, they have no way of tracing it.


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