Investigation into helicopter roll launched

Investigation into helicopter roll launched

An investigation is being launched into a scenic helicopter flight gone wrong.

Police believe the helicopter, carrying five passengers and the pilot, rolled over in the midst of a snow landing about 3pm yesterday on Mt Sale, above Arrowtown.

Peter Northcote from the Transport Accident Investigation Commission says a team of four are launching an investigation this morning to get to the bottom of what happened.

"They will be speaking with the people on board the aircraft, talking to the operating company, inspecting the wreckage, finding out details of this type of operation and how it was being run."

Four people were rushed to hospital after the accident, though the only confirmed injury was a knee cut to one person.

"[The] inquiry will be looking at the circumstances and the causes of the accident, seeing what might need to change to prevent similar sorts of accidents in the future," says Mr Northcote.

The company which operated the flight, The Helicopter Line, is a subsidiary of Skyline Enterprises - which also owns Harris Mountains Heli-Ski, the operator of a flight which crashed in 2014, killing one.