Key calls UN Security Council meeting on Syria

  • 05/09/2016
John Key (Newshub.)
John Key (Newshub.)

Prime Minister John Key has invited UN Security Council leaders to a meeting to discuss the Syrian conflict and ways to resolve it.

New Zealand holds the presidency of the Security Council until the end of this month, and Mr Key is attending UN leaders week during that time.

"Syria is the most devastating crisis of our time and in recognition of this I have invited Security Council leaders to a meeting to discuss how we can work towards resolving it," he said on Monday.

"There is an urgent need to end the conflict, and current approaches aren't working - peace talks have stalled, fighting is getting heavier."

Mr Key says it's time for the Security Council to get together again and consider what it can do to get the process back on track.

"This meeting will obviously not on its own end the conflict, there are no guarantees or quick fixes, but we don't believe the council can stand back and watch," he said.

The meeting will take place on September 21.

Mr Key doesn't yet have confirmation on who will attend.