Kiwi adventurer to row from Singapore to NZ

Kiwi adventurer to row from Singapore to NZ

The flight from Singapore to New Zealand is approximately 11 hours, so why would you want to make that trip last a year?

For Grant Rawlinson, the flying doesn't interest him, but rowing the 12,000-kilometre journey does.

New Zealand has a proud history of adventurers, and Mr Rawlinson wants to be one of them.

He's climbed Mt Everest so he knows how high he can go, but now he wants to find out just how far he can go.

He'll begin in Singapore, row around Indonesia and to Darwin at the top of Australia. He'll cycle across the continent before rowing the Tasman all the way to Mr Rawlinson's home in New Plymouth.

The adventurer will start his journey in two months in a tiny boat named Simpson's Donkey - a tribute to famous Gallipoli stretcher-bearer - and he'll be dodging pirates, shipping lanes and storms along the way.

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