Kiwis prefer it dirty in the kitchen - survey

Kiwis prefer it dirty in the kitchen - survey

Kiwis are pretty dirty in the kitchen and Wellingtonians are more likely to wear gloves when washing dishes, according to a new survey on how often we change our dishcloths.

The Canstar Blue consumer satisfaction survey of 2200 people reveals New Zealand hygiene habits fall well short of the recommended standard.

The Ministry of Primary Industries says a new dishcloth should be used every day, yet just over one-in-five Kiwis actually do that.

However, just 22 percent of Kiwis change their cloth every day, 43 percent did it once a week, 14 percent once a fortnight and another 14 percent every month.

"Our survey shows that habits vary widely, and that many people could be taking unnecessary risks. If you wait until your dishcloth smells, it's too late." said Canstar's New Zealand manager, Jose George.

The survey also found that baby boomers were the cleanest in the kitchen, with 28 percent changing their dishcloth daily, compared to 18 percent of Generation Y's.

Men (18 percent) were less likely to change the dishcloth daily than women (26 percent).

It also broke down dishwashing habits by regions.