Milk fat, stolen items seized from west Auckland gang home


A police search of a Glen Eden property occupied by gang members has ended with the discovery of stolen milk fat, among other items, and the arrest of three people.

The west Auckland home, which a number of Mongrel Mob members moved into after its previous tenant went to prison, has those living on the street living in fear - with many locals too scared to let their kids play outside.

Several on the street contacted Newshub earlier in the week out of fear for their families' safety.

The search, which Waitakere Police says was "pre-planned" as they had a tip-off firearms were at the property, uncovered a number of stolen items.

Three people have since been taken into custody - two who already had warrants for their arrest, and a third man for charges relating to drug dealing and receiving stolen property.

Detective Senior Sergeant Roger Small revealed that one of the stolen items was a 210-litre drum of pure milk fat.

Among the other items seized were a Holden engine, iPads, laptops, building equipment and power tools. A pair of trailers, scaffolding and tarpaulins made up the rest of the items seized by police.

No firearms were found at the house.

Police are now looking to locate the owners of the stolen property.

They say they have been working closely with Housing New Zealand to deal with "antisocial and threatening behaviour" from those living in the home.