North Auckland roads closed under heavy rain

North Auckland roads closed under heavy rain

Hundreds of people north of Auckland have been cut off by heavy flooding.

The Wellsford, Warkworth and Kaipara communities were worst affected, with the flooding compounded by a high tide that took many by surprise.

Many residents spent hours on the roads on Wednesday looking for ways around slips and closures.

North Auckland roads closed under heavy rain

A slip on Pakiri Rd

Not long after Robin Southgate made it home to rural Wellsford, he had to brave the elements again.

"Just going over the hill to Matakana to pick up the kids from school and then try and get back home. We'll get as far as we can and then we'll walk it. I'm prepared. I've got the waders.

"It's either that or get a motel and I don't really fancy that."

At least 15 roads in the region are shut, although State Highway 16 has recently re-opened.

Some are passable, just - only those with 4WDs dared to cross.

Civil Defence is warning the danger isn't over, and people should avoid travelling.

"The same areas that have had the flooding today are going to get another 30mm to 60mm of rain potentially over the next several hours, and what that means is basically the soil's already saturated, so we're going to continue get potentially more flooding and localised slips."

The fire service responded to calls for help from a dozen homes.

"I'll probably write off the rest of the week and just stay at home," says Mr Southgate.

With more rain coming, it'll be a hairy night for those in low-lying areas already under threat.