Parents left in the dark about suspicious man

Parents left in the dark about suspicious man

Parents with children at an Upper Hutt school are concerned they weren't told for more than three weeks about a suspicious man in the area.

Police wrote to parents of Maidstone Intermediate pupils last Thursday, advising them an Asian man had been acting suspiciously around the school.

One mother, who didn't want to be named, told Newshub she first found out in August, but did nothing as she assumed the threat was over.

"This guy's been out there for the last three weeks at least, possibly earlier, and the parents had no warning. A lot of them, the kids, walked to school, they walked home. Perhaps they could have been more vigilant, making sure they walk in groups."

The mother says the police should have acted sooner.

"[I'm] pretty disgusted, really. I think police, are they not looking out for our kids like they should be?"