Police want to speak to Chiefs stripper Scarlette again

HAMILTON, NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 03: Michael Allardice poses during the 2016 Chiefs Super Rugby Headshots Session on February 3, 2016 in Hamilton, New Zealand. (Photo by Peter Drury/Getty Images)

Warning: This story contains graphic details which may upset some readers.

Police, who initially declined to investigate allegations the Chiefs rugby team sexually assaulted a stripper, are keen to interview her again.

On Friday morning RNZ released previously unheard audio of an interview conducted with Scarlette, who claims she was groped by members of the team at a 'Mad Monday' party.

She told the broadcaster one player slapped her, then "proceeded to touch my vagina multiple times with me telling him not to and eventually having to fight him off".

"They just crowded in on me, a real pack mentality kind of a thing."

Police spoke to Scarlette in early August, but ultimately took no action against the team.

An internal investigation by New Zealand Rugby ended with the players being cautioned for hiring a stripper.

NZ Rugby Players' Association chief executive Rob Nichol told Paul Henry on Friday morning nine eyewitnesses spoken to in the investigation denied Scarlette's claims.

"Some people potentially have not picked that up."

Scarlette's not the only stripper that has accused the Chiefs of mistreatment. Laura was hired in 2015, but despite having her contact details, the Chiefs and NZR didn't question her in their investigation.

"The outcomes of the NZR's 'investigation' are disappointing, but not surprising," she said on Thursday.

Scarlette's new revelations have prompted police to take another look at the matter.

"Given what has been reported in the media today, we will again reach out to her to see if there is any further information she wishes to provide for police to assess," a police spokesperson said.

They didn't investigate previously because of "consideration of her wishes and the information that was available to us."