Popular Nelson orchardist out of visa options

Craig Foss (Getty)
Craig Foss (Getty)

A Danish woman who's lived in Nelson for more than six years is being booted out of the country today, despite what locals say are her "valuable" contributions to the community.

Silke Larsen and her son 11-year-old son Gabriel have run out of visa options, and the Associate Immigration Minister Craig Foss has refused to intervene.

"I'm sad that I think he has taken the choice that is not in the best interests of Nelson and New Zealand," Ms Larsen told Newshub.

Ms Larsen owns a lifestyle property and has started a commercial orchard.

She's also been involved in a number of community projects, including the Victory Wi-Fi project and Nelson's Gigatown campaign.

"More than 500 signatures are on our petition at the moment, with people just coming with the most beautiful comments and support, and that has just been extremely heartwarming," says Ms Larsen.

"I feel sad that I'm letting them down by having to leave."

Ms Larsen says she's had a lot of support, including from MP Damien O'Connor and the Nelson Mayor.

"I feel sorry for both her and New Zealand," Mr O'Connor told Fairfax.

"The Government is intent on kicking out of the country good families that have settled in the regions, but are leaving the door open wide open to new migrants coming into Auckland with all the associated problems for that city."