Puppy adopted by police officer after chase

'Chase' gets some well deserved rest and relaxation (supplied)
'Chase' gets some well deserved rest and relaxation (supplied)

'Chase' was just a five-week-old puppy when a police officer pulled her out of the back of a wanted car.

The 'little ball of fluff', as described by her rescuer Constable Marisha Allen, was "scared out of her wits" after a police chase through Linwood in 2013.

For Const Allen there was only one thing to do - rescue the animal.

"[I] wrapped her up in my jacket, and put her in my patrol car while we finished doing what we had to do, and she ended up falling asleep in the front of our patrol car," she says.

"Finding a puppy that was so innocent and so oblivious to the circumstances she was found in - how could you not?" 

Puppy adopted by police officer after chase

Two years later, the lab-staff cross is doing well with her new owners Const Marisha Allen and Const Nick Johnston.

"[We] wanted to give her a second shot at life. To be fair she probably had a rough start," Const Johnston says.

"When we first collected her from the pound she was quite aggressive, anytime we'd come close to her she'd start growling at us."

"We took her to six weeks of puppy pre-school and just training at home, you can pretty much get her to do anything if you've got food."

However Chase wasn't welcomed by everyone. The family cat initially didn't like all the attention the puppy was getting, but thankfully they're all good friends now.