Ram-raiding jet boat thieves caught on camera

Ram-raiding jet boat thieves caught on camera

Thieves have rammed through security gates at a Christchurch boat shop and driven away with a jet boat worth more than $10,000.

The break-in occurred in the early hours of the morning and was captured on security camera.

The brazen theft happened at 5am when a four-wheel drive got a good run up, accelerated and smashed through the security gates at Mr Boats. The driver headed straight for a jet boat it's thought they were targeting.

"The way they went straight to the boat - they kind of knew where it was - indicates that perhaps it's the one they were after in particular," says Mr Boats parts manager Grant Magrath.

The American-imported Sugar Sand boat was in for repairs and was driven out in seconds, the thieves ignoring other more expensive boats.

"There are two on the yard like that though," says Mr Magrath. "The one they took is not in an operative state, so there are some bits missing. It might be a bit of a fruitless task for them."

With the gates repaired this morning, police are investigating. The boat's owner Scott Bolton isn't holding onto hope.

"By the sounds of it, maybe they were after the engine, like a garage-build aluminium to thrash around the river in," says Mr Bolton.

The boat yard is appealing for dealers to keep an eye out for any suspicious purchases of parts for the Mercury motor.

"At the end of the day, they're pretty stupid," says Mr Magrath.

The boat dealer is confident with the clear camera footage they'll catch them.