'Ridiculous' bus stop ad blasts Just Juice jingle


It's not just annoying, it's just annoying.

That's the response to Adshel's latest campaign at a bus stop in Auckland and it's forced the advertising company to backtrack.

As part of its "immersed [bus] shelters", people waiting at the St James stop get the full advertising power of Just Juice.

A video posted to YouTube shows its catchy jingle blaring while people wait for their transport, and it's generated some outrage online.

"I've never smashed up a bus stop before, but I would if I had to deal with that bullsh** every day," one Reddit user fumes.

"Never have [I] loathed Just Juice so much," says another.

"I hope this doesn't become widespread. It's ridiculous."

But the outrage seems to have stayed on the web - Adshel says no one's complained about the shelter to them.

The company says it consulted with Auckland Transport and local shopkeepers about the ad, and it's done decibel readings to make sure the volume is appropriate.

It's the only such shelter in Auckland and the music doesn't play that often, Adshel says.

However, Auckland Transport says the company didn't have approval for the ad to play the sound.

"I can see that this could be annoying for our customers and passersby," an AT spokesperson says.

To the relief of people who are forced to wait at the bus stop, the tune has now been muted.