Skinned animals drape fence near Middlemarch

Otago fence
Otago fence

Warning: This report contains images which may disturb some people.

First there was Cardrona's bra fence, now there's another fence in the deep south draped in strange items.

A small South Island community near Middlemarch has been adding skinned animals to more than a kilometre of fence.

"All of the young fellas that shoot pigs hang them on the fence," says local farmer Dick Vanderlay.

"Anything that's trophy size, it's great. It's a tourist attraction."

Many of the skulls, hooves and teeth still remain.

The small Macrae's Flat community has been draping each new skin on the fence for around 20 years.

The hundreds of skinned animals line Kent Tisdall's farm, a tradition started by his dad.

"He just started to put deer skins and stuff up there years ago and then it's just got bigger," Mr Tisdall says.

It's so big, it's joining the list of bizarre fencelines found in the South Island.

A Cardrona fence attracted attention as thousands of bras were hooked on to its wire, while a fence full of footwear drew attention at Burkes Pass.

But for the young Middlemarch hunters, this decoration is just as eye catching as the others.

"It's pretty cool seeing all the skins on it and like quite a pretty big bore on the fence, it's pretty cool for people to see that rather than dropping it in the gut hole," says local hunter Cody Mileton.

It doubles as a showcase of the work going in to keep on top of the feral pig problem.