SPCA Auckland full up with puppies needing homes

All potential owners are encouraged to visit the SPCA and meet the dogs (Facebook)
All potential owners are encouraged to visit the SPCA and meet the dogs (Facebook)

The SPCA says it is "absolutely full" with puppies at its Auckland Canine Department, and is encouraging anyone who is thinking of adopting a dog to get in touch.

The Auckland centre has around 35 dogs and is running out of room to house all of them.

"We had a bunch of seizure cases of people who were neglecting or not taking care of their puppies, and inspectors had to take them for welfare reasons," says veterinary manager Dr Shalsee Vigeant.

Dr Vigeant says the SPCA has also had several "sign-over deals" lately from owners with female dogs that have never been de-sexed and have had puppies.

"We will take those puppies if they let us de-sex the female so they don't keep having puppies."

The organisation held an adoption drive recently, but several puppies weren't big enough to be ready for adoption until now.

But in addition to puppies, Dr Vigeant says there are still a number of adult dogs needing loving homes.

"They always seem to get overlooked because they're not as cute as the puppies, but there are families that match adult dogs much better than puppies."

All potential dog owners are encouraged to visit the SPCA's website to see the dogs before going in and meeting them.

A property check is then done to make sure the furry friends are going to a good home.


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