SPCA investigating video of student torturing pukeko

A Pukeko in the wild (Wikimedia / Richard Taylor)
A Pukeko in the wild (Wikimedia / Richard Taylor)

A teenage boy has been filmed killing a pukeko and ripping its body in half.

The gruesome video shows the boy killing the bird with a stone before pulling it apart from the wings.

The student responsible is from Botany Downs Secondary College, and the violent footage first circulated among other pupils from the school on Facebook.

The SPCA is now investigating the incident after students sent them the video via social media.

Spokeswoman Andrea Midgen told the NZ Herald that it is possible the police or social services may be involved, as cases such as this often indicate the perpetrator may abuse other people later in life.

Principal of Botany Downs Secondary College, Karen Brinsden, said that while the school does not condone animal cruelty, the incident occurred on a rural property outside of school hours and therefore no disciplinary action will be taken.

An unnamed student from the school told Fairfax the video had traumatised many of the students.

"Everyone was disgusted and appalled - it was really, really bad," they said.

The video also shows the perpetrator laughing at what he has done.

Ms Brinsden believes the bird was being "breasted" in preparation for cooking.

The college has spoken to the student in question, and warned pupils they will be disciplined if they are found with the video on their phones.