Survival kits - what do you need to pack in yours?

  • 01/09/2016
Survival kits - what do you need to pack in yours?

Emergency survival kits are often something we consider only begrudgingly - we know they're of benefit but we struggle to work up enough energy to go about creating one.

Much of the reluctance to establish a survival kit comes from the fact we simply don't know what's needed - so Mark Sainsbury chatted to Red Cross representative Mark Rosny on Thursday morning to find out just what's required.

Mr Rosny explained that the most important thing is to make sure your family has a clear plan of action should a disaster strike.

He says he and his wife both work in the city, so they have come up with a plan as to how they will make their way home in the case of an emergency.

Water is hugely important - Mr Rosny says each member of a family should have about three litres per day. He says that can mean getting quite a lot of water in storage if it is a big family and plans for the recommended three days.

Each person needs about three litres of food each day as well - and Mr Rosny recommends canned foods because they're easiest to use and they don't need to be cooked.

He says dried fruit and other dry foods are also good - but canned foods are best because they contain liquid, which means you can get away with drinking less water.

A transistor radio is important - as long as it has plenty of spare batteries - as well as tools such as can openers and knives.

More information on what to take can be found at the Red Cross website [LINK].


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