Taking stock: The place of recreational fishing

Taking stock: The place of recreational fishing

It's one of the most popular pastimes for Kiwis, it injects billions into our economy, and it puts food on the table.

But a new report says unless we look at how many fish are caught recreationally, it may become a thing of the past.

Dr Randall Bess has been working for the NZ Initiative on recreational fishing and says fish stocks are still good. But he thinks preparation needs to start now otherwise fish stocks will dry up within a few generations.

According to Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), almost a fifth of our measurable species are now overfished, including orange roughy, snapper, John Dory, scallops, paua and pipi.

Just two weeks ago, researchers announced crayfish in the Hauraki Gulf are on the brink of extinction.

MPI is currently reviewing our fishing management system, and the report's author says we need to include recreational fishing in the debate.

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