Woman hospitalised, car stolen in Auckland attack

Two women get out of a red Honda Fit before violently assaulting another women (Supplied)
Two women get out of a red Honda Fit before violently assaulting another women (Supplied)

Police have released the CCTV footage which shows the two women who violently assaulted a woman in her 60s on Wednesday.

In the video, a red Honda Fit pulls into the carpark before two women get out of the Honda, police describe them as young and of Māori or Pacific Island descent.

A third person appears to climb over the front seat of the red Honda and get into the driver’s seat. The two women then begin to pull the lady out of her car. 

One of the women can be seen wearing a grey hooded-sweatshirt with the hood up while the other appears to be holding an object in her hand.

After the video cuts out, the woman tried to run away, but the offenders chased her down. Police said in a Facebook post "she is struck several times in the head with the object and is then kicked in the head as she falls to the ground."

Police say at that point the women was lying behind the car and one of the offenders "shoves her out of the way" as the car reverses and speeds off. 

Emergency services were called to the Lagoon Stadium in Panmure at 11:59am. From there the woman was taken to Auckland Hospital with serious head and facial injuries. However her condition has improved over the course of the afternoon.

The victim's grey Toyota Corolla was found abandoned just after 5pm in Mangere. It has been towed away by police to be forensically examined.

Police are working to find the alleged offenders and are appealing to the public for sightings of the red Honda involved.

Woman hospitalised, car stolen in Auckland attack

One of the women driving away in a vehicle stolen from the assault victim (Supplied)

Detective Sergeant John De Heer, Auckland City Police says they want to hear from anyone who knows who knows who the women are.

"This was very violent and the footage of the assault is quite alarming."

"It may be that these women have been scoping out other carparks prior to this and have appeared suspicious, they may well have been driving erratically after this incident too."

The red Honda Fit, reported stolen earlier on Wednesday, has a registration number of EZD733.

Anyone with information should contact the Auckland City crime squad on 09 302 6557 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.