Yasir Mohib and his two wives reveal their unconventional life

  • 05/10/2016
The Mohib family (Newshub.)
The Mohib family (Newshub.)

Yasir Mohib, 31, lives in Auckland with his two wives.

"If you come and visit our house you will see we are living a totally normal life," he told TV3's Story programme last night.

No-one had heard of the family until this week, when it was revealed the High Court had overturned Mohib's discharge without conviction for assaulting one of those wives, 24-year-old Fatimah Mohib, with a hammer.

He'll now be sentenced for the attack in December.

Mohib's second wife is 22-year-old Azba.

The three adults live together with their five children, aged between five years and four months old.

"To be honest this way works out really well for our family," says Fatimah.

"Our kids have two mums you know. They get more loving, more pampering, more affection, more caring."

"No one has right to point the finger at our personal life, which is 100 percent a personal thing," says Mohib.

"We are not threatening anyone, there is no harm for anyone else."

The family say their home life is incredibly happy.

Fatimah married Mohib seven years ago. In 2010, they met Azba. She agreed to be Mohib's second wife, but it's not a legal agreement.

"He couldn't legally marry me because he was married to someone else," says Azba.

"In our religion we are allowed to have three to four wives."

Mohib says their Muslim faith sets out clear rules for having multiple wives.

"It's very, very clear. The way you are treating one is the way you treat the other one. One night I will be with [one wife], the other night I will be with [the other wife]."

The women insist they aren't jealous of each other.

"There's no point to be jealous, she's just like my sister and my best friend really," says Fatimah.

Mohib says he has no plans for any other wives at this stage.