Auckland Ratepayers' Alliance slams Auckland Council over social media spending

  • 24/10/2016
New Zealand money (file)
New Zealand money (file)

Auckland Council is being slammed for spending $200,000 on Facebook and LinkedIn advertising.

Figures obtained by the Auckland Ratepayers' Alliance found a massive social media bill is part of Council's total marketing and communications spend.

A large chunk of Auckland Council's $26 million marketing and communications spend goes to social media.

Auckland Ratepayers' Alliance spokeswoman Jo Holmes says it shows questionable prioritising, and the money could be put to better use elsewhere.

"When you compare it to other cities like Wellington or Christchurch, who also spend some money on Facebook and social media advertising, the cost per head is at least double in Auckland. Now that tells me there's a lot of waste going on," she says.

"We understand that Council has a duty to put their policies out there, but this seems like an outrageously large amount."

Ms Holmes adds that ratepayers get no value from the marketing - so shouldn't have to foot the bill.