Dame Jane Campion recognised for services to film

Dame Jane Campion recognised for services to film

Acclaimed filmmaker Jane Campion has officially been made a Dame at a ceremony in Wellington this morning.

The Sydney-based Kiwi director was honoured for her services to film.

It adds to a long list of achievements, including an Oscar for The Piano and an Emmy award for the 2013 mini-series Top of the Lake.

"It does feel a little like a summing up of what I've done. I think for me it's really special because, you know, I am a New Zealander. I've never changed my nationality, I love New Zealand."

She seemed relaxed throughout the formal ceremony, waving to her supporters and blowing a kiss to the crowd as they gave her a huge applause.

"Being relaxed is my goal in life now. I used to be pretty uptight," she told media afterwards.

She says she's still getting used to the idea of being a Dame, which her family and colleagues often tease her about.

"I feel like I have to grow up a bit now; time to give back some service, that's really what it brings to mind."

Part of that service, she says, is mentoring young filmmakers, especially women.

"When I first started there was a sense of, oh you know, please shut up. You're a woman, we're sort of letting you be here, we need a token one or two."

She says the industry's quite different now.

"The last couple of years I'm really feeling there's a big groundswell of new women voices. I think there's a sense of emboldenment amongst women, you know, that it's ok to speak up."

Dame Jane's currently working on the second season of her award-winning mini-series Top of the Lake.

The first part of the mystery drama was filmed in Glenorchy and Queenstown, but the second instalment's based in Sydney.

"I'm very excited about it, we're halfway through editing and I think it gets into some really deep, emotional, juicy material as well as working through the crime."

It's due to be released next year and Dame Jane says fans should expect a really big step up in terms of story and performances.

"I can't wait to show it to them, I really can't."