Early morning raid on Canterbury property

Early morning raid on Canterbury property

Armed police recovered a number of firearms from a Rangiora property during a raid early on Friday morning.

A stolen car and other items from recent burglaries were also found, and three people were arrested.

Police were searching the house for evidence of meth dealing, but haven't confirmed if any was found.

Local Rangiora resident Bruce Phillip said he was woken up by the raid.

"My wife got up and told me the [Armed Offenders' Squad] were in our property," he says.

"I looked out the window and saw them wandering around our back yard.

"They all set up and started yelling at the neighbours, telling them that the house was surrounded, if they came out they wouldn't be harmed.

"Eventually we heard two large bangs which was the percussion device that the [AOS] let off to wake the people up.

"That scared the crap out of us."

The resident says it isn't the first time the property has been raided.

"It's happened a fair bit, we've had the police raid next door three times I think," he says.

"I know that there was a raid to do with guns, drugs [and] stolen property.

"We don't feel safe when the police are wandering our property with guns and dogs.

"We don't feel unsafe with our neighbours but we just feel that they are trouble."