Gable Tostee's history of crime and debauchery revealed

Gable Tostee
Gable Tostee

Gable Tostee's chequered past has been revealed, following his acquittal of the murder of New Zealander Warriena Wright.

The 26-year-old Lower Hutt woman was on a Tinder date with the 30-year-old in 2014 when she fell from the balcony of his 14th-floor Gold Coast apartment.

The jury wasn't told of his previous run-ins with the law, one of which saw him put behind bars.

When he was only 17, Mr Tostee started making fake ID cards for teenagers so they could get into pubs. When police shut down the racket in late 2004, it's estimated he and his partner-in-crime had made AU$30,000.

Mr Tostee wasn't convicted though - the judge said his "extraordinary talents" would be wasted if he was convicted.

In documents presented to the court, Mr Tostee said that it was around this time he developed a drinking problem, and he would later confess to taking part in "dangerous" activities while heavily intoxicated.

Just two weeks before Ms Wright died, he'd been caught driving in the early hours of the morning at almost 200km/h, following a music festival. Road spikes almost failed to stop him, with Mr Tostee continuing to drive on the rims.

While on bail following Ms Wright's death, he pleaded guilty to charges laid over that incident and was jailed for six months.

In 2011 he also lost his licence for 10 months after being caught driving while drunk.

In January 2014 he was charged with public nuisance and obstructing police after a Surfers Paradise tuktuk driver claimed he'd done a runner without paying. When approached by an officer, Mr Tostee allegedly told him to "f**k off". The charges were eventually dropped.

While living with his parents awaiting trial for Ms Wright's murder, Mr Tostee continued to boast about his sex life on social media, under the alias "Eric Thomas".

One bar owner on the Gold Coast banned Mr Tostee, after several young women complained he was "creeping them out".


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