Grey Power slams calls to raise superannuation age

An elderly woman (iStock)
An elderly woman (iStock)

Grey Power is trashing calls that the superannuation age needs to be risen from 65 to 67.

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell insists the costs of the scheme are becoming too high and people are able to work longer.

However, national president Tom O'Connor says that's simply not the case, and insists most people who have physical jobs have burnt out well before 65.

"There's people around me who'd be in their late 70s who are more than capable of shearing sheep," he says.

"Is it reasonable, however, to expect them to do that for 40 hours a week? To suggest we cannot afford to keep our older generation in at least dignified comfort in their last years is reprehensible."

Mr O'Connor also hits back at claims our superannuation scheme is too expensive.

"The country most certainly can afford it. We have the sixth most affordable national superannuation in the world. Our national superannuation amounts to less than four percent of GDP," he says.