'Horrid' meth problem no worse in Northland - mayor


The Mayor of Whangarei is rejecting claims Northland is a hotspot for meth.

Figures released to Newshub reveal the number of people associated with P has more than doubled in three police districts, including Northland, since 2013.

But Mayor Sheryl Mai is adamant Northland is no more affected by P than any other New Zealand region.

"From my perspective there hasn't been a really noticeable increase apart from things like the discovery of the large cache of P in the Far North, and of course we have had a number of P labs being discovered," she told Newshub.

She said while the growing meth problem isn't noticeable on the streets, it's not flying under the radar.

"There is no difference in behaviour but we do know from our friends in the medical profession and with police that it really is a problem," she said.

"It's a real horrid thing to have to be dealing with in our community."

Ms Mai said there needs to be more resources put into both policing meth and support for recovering P users.

"If people have got a problem and they want to go to somewhere for help, where do they go? How can they get that help?"

However, she's not quite sure how facilities will be funded.

"If we are asking police to do that then what gives? Do they stop doing something else? Or do we as a nation address it by putting more resources into it."