Hungarian Uprising commemorated across New Zealand

  • 23/10/2016
NZ flag (iStock)
NZ flag (iStock)

Hungarians are coming out in force across New Zealand on Sunday to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Uprising.

More than 200,000 people fled the country in 1956 following the revolt against Soviet control. More than 1,000 eventually resettled here.

Organiser Zalan Kemeny says refugees were overwhelmed by support given on their arrival.

"Hungarians received a significant help from local people, and therefore they have a very good memory of Kiwis being helpful and hospitable," he says.

Mr Kemeny says the day will begin with a mass at Christchurch's Saint Mary's cathedral. Afterwards, a permanent memorial for the uprising will be established in the garden city.

The memorial will see two posts planted to remember what the struggle was for.

"One has freedom carved into it in four languages," he says.

"And on the other one, we have friendship - with friendship among the Hungarians who fought together, but also with the New Zealand people who were here to support the Hungarians."

Commemorations are also being held at Parliament House in Wellington and Auckland's Saint Patricks Cathedral.