Majority of IANZ students fail exam resit


The majority of students from a troubled international school in Auckland have failed an exam resit ordered by NZQA.

Of the 329 former International Academy of New Zealand (IANZ) Level 6 students who had to be reassessed, only 46 retained all their credits, according to the tests results released on Friday.

NZQA deputy chief executive Dr Grant Klinkum says 70 others fell well short in the reassessment.

"The result of the re-assessment means that NZQA cannot allow these students to continue studying towards a qualification that they would be unlikely to succeed in," he says.

The students will need to take an IELTS English test to see if they can stay in the country studying something else.

"We are continuing to work with these students and are encouraging them to think carefully about their options," Dr Klinkum says.

The remaining 213 IANZ students need "additional assistance" to complete their qualifications.

"This will be provided to students at no additional cost so that they can move on from this period of change and continue their studies," he says.

Even for those students who passed, IANZ's closure means an entirely new school with a new set of fees.

The exams were a make-or-break moment for many students, covering the entire year's work, and the stakes were high for many of the foreign students.

It comes after Newshub revealed the school had allegedly falsified test results, and a critical NZQA report found serious problems with the way IANZ tested students.

NZQA is now investigating the former IANZ directors.

"NZQA takes extremely seriously its role in ensuring quality education is delivered to students," Dr Klinkum says.

"Where there is evidence that this has not been delivered, and correct assessment has not taken place, we must take action to ensure that integrity so that students are gaining and using qualifications they can have faith in."