Man jailed after screwdriver stabbing frenzy

  • 05/10/2016
Christchurch District Court (Thomas Mead / Newshub.)
Christchurch District Court (Thomas Mead / Newshub.)

A Christchurch man who stabbed two men 30 times with a screwdriver during a revenge attack has been sentenced to five years in jail.

Christopher Charles Mohi, 38, was handed down the sentence at Christchurch District Court on Wednesday after earlier pleading guilty to two charges of injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The court heard that Mohi, who was heavily intoxicated, went to a New Brighton house on April 24 where he confronted two men that were known to him.

He accused one of the men of having a relationship with his ex-partner before stabbing the man 20 times in the head, neck and torso with a screwdriver.

The other man offered to drive Mohi home and the pair got into a car.

Mohi then stabbed the man 10 times in the left shoulder while he was driving, forcing him to deliberately crash the vehicle.

The second victim ran off and was picked up by a passer-by, while Mohi was later arrested by police.

The first victim was admitted to hospital and the other man was treated before being discharged.

During sentencing, Judge Raoul Neave described the incident as a revenge attack, adding that it was "a miracle this isn't a murder charge".

He said the stabbing of the second victim was "an utterly unprovoked attack on someone who was trying to help".

Mohi's 10 previous convictions, the fact a weapon was used to inflict extreme violence as well as an early guilty plea were all taken into account during sentencing.

Mohi's lawyer, Tony Garrett, said his client was remorseful, especially in relation to his actions towards the second victim, and planned to hand both men letters outlining his remorse.

It isn't known what long-term affects the injuries inflicted by Mohi caused as both men declined to give victim impact statements to the court.