Marama Davidson back home after Gaza protest

Marama Davidson (Newshub.)
Marama Davidson (Newshub.)

Green Party MP Marama Davidson has returned to NZ after being detained by Israeli security forces and deported after an attempted Gaza protest.

She arrived back at Auckland Airport at 9am on Saturday, where she was met by peace activists, supporters and a rousing haka.

"Our little boat, sailing across the Mediterranean, was intercepted by three huge Israeli naval warships," she says.

"We met that sign of power and aggression with absolute non-violence, and with warmth."

Ms Davidson joined the Women's Peace Boat to Gaza protest, dedicated to breaking the Israeli blockade. She left New Zealand last month to join 12 other women on the flotilla.

She said her cellphone was taken away during her arrest, and she had had no communication with her family.

"We were taken away from where our destination was - which was Gaza - and we were taken against our will, we were taken by force," she says.

However, she said the Israelis didn't use violence against the peace protesters on her boat.

"We were treated well by the Israelis because they are very well aware that they do not appreciate this level of international focus, particularly from 13 women of non-violence and a long-standing commitment to peace on their country."

Ms Davidson's actions were criticised by Prime Minister John Key, who said her protest was a "less than perfect look".

However, Ms Davidson hit back at Mr Key, saying this was further evidence the National Government was not committed to upholding human rights.