Max Key in trouble with dad over cyclists taunt

  • 27/10/2016
(Max Key/Snapchat)
(Max Key/Snapchat)

Prime Minister John Key says he has told off his son Max Key after the 21-year-old uploaded a video of himself heckling a group of cyclists.

The Snapchat video shows Max Key yelling "real men ride women" at a group of cyclists as he drives past on Parnell Rise, by the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

John Key told press in India on Thursday that his son had rung him to apologise, and that he didn't mean to "make the sort of comment he made in the way he did".

John Key said it was a "poor attempt at humour", and that his son fully takes responsibility for the comment.

The Key family lives on St Stephen's Avenue in Parnell with his parents.