NZ's Wall Street and the chosen rock stars

NZ's Wall Street and the chosen rock stars

There are many jobs most of us have a good grasp on - doctors, builders, lawyers or hairdressers.

But there are also careers and jobs almost most of us will know nothing about.

One of these roles is crucial to the New Zealand economy but if you live in the city, chances are you've never met anyone who does it.

Mackenzie Country is the Wall Street of New Zealand. The cattle auctioneer is a job so well-respected in the rural world, these men are like celebrities and hand-picked from a young age to take on the job.

They're the rock stars in a world of Kiwi agriculture where people talk through closed mouths and try and stay out of the spotlight.

Story went into the tent where hundreds of thousands of dollars quietly change hands and find out more about the role which you can only be shoulder-tapped for.

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