Otago pest control company's honest job advertisment


Whingers or people having a midlife crisis are advised not to apply for a job with an Otago pest-control company.

Owner Duane Trafford is so fed up with employing people who can't hack it, he's taken to TradeMe with a very honest job advertisement that's attracting a lot of attention.

The wet and rugged Otago outdoors is the office for these pest controllers - a workplace many workers underestimate.

"They don't comprehend that they will be cold at times, they will be hot, the gullies are steep, the rivers are wet, you get wet, it rains, it snows, and that's the nature of it," he says.

Mr Trafford's so fed up with workers who can't stand the conditions that he took out a blunt TradeMe ad to put off weak applicants.

No whinging, no crying, and no one in the middle of a midlife crisis were included as requirements.

"Bluntness is the only way to achieve staff. My biggest issue is I will interview someone, and no matter how grim of a picture of the operation and the job, a week later they come along and cry about how hard it is and they want to leave."

Mr Trafford wants less of the quitters and more with the same attitude as his three-year employee, Brian McCormack.

"It's not that hard really... it can be a bit challenging on the hot days, and when it's cold and wet, but I don't personally find it that hard," he said.

Anyone who thinks otherwise will battle to find a job in this line of work or at least, while Mr Trafford is in charge of hiring.