Otorohanga stabbing survivor 'showing signs of recovery'

The Otorohanga home where Keith Bremner was stabbed (Newshub.)
The Otorohanga home where Keith Bremner was stabbed (Newshub.)

The only survivor of a stabbing attack in Otorohanga is surrounded by family as he recovers from his stab wounds in Waikato Hospital.

Keith Bremner was stabbed on Tuesday night in his own home, his wife died at the scene.

Police are working to reconstruct the events that took place in the days after the first attack where three people were found dead on a remote Kinohaku property.

The bodies of Mona Tuwhangai and Maurice O'Donnell were found on Friday by someone visiting the elderly couple.

Ross Bremner was also found dead at the scene. The bodies have been taken to Auckland for post mortem examinations.

Police say it could be weeks before a time of death is known but hope the scene reconstruction will go some way to piece together Ross Bremner's movements after he stabbed his parents on Tuesday night.

Social media has been flooded with messages about 82-year-old Mona Tuwhaingai and 72-year-old Maurice O'Donnell.

Both are being remembered as fun-loving family people.

A friend of the Bremner family says two families are suffering.

"Our condolences go to both families, it's a very terrible incident due to mental illness and I just hope in time that they can forgive Ross" Geoff Benefield says.

He's been to visit Keith Bremner in hospital and says he's recovering slowly.

"He is off the breathing apparatus and at this stage he is showing signs of recovery. But it will be a slow process and to be honest very terrible thing to wake up to find that your son and wife are deceased."

"His daughter came from Australia and she burst into tears and he lifted his arm to reach out for her so that was a great sign," Mr Benefield says.