Outgoing police boss proud of cops' credibility

  • 10/10/2016
Greg O'Connor (Newshub.)
Greg O'Connor (Newshub.)

Outgoing Police Association President Greg O'Connor says he's extremely proud of the legacy he's left.

He took over as the boss of the Police Association in 1995, overseeing 8,600 frontline officers.

Mr O'Connor told Paul Henry his biggest achievement has been helping build police credibility.

"When I come on the show for the Police Association you'll know that we've done our research, that it's facts, that we're not out there letting the wind blow our tongues around as it were, that we know what we're talking about."

"There's problems and we need a lot more police officers now, however, one thing - police are reflective of the society… In New Zealand we're pretty efficient, pretty nimble as a police [force] because we're pretty nimble as a nation."

Mr O'Connor also chaired the International Council of Police Representative Associations for eight years, representing 1.5 million officers from more than 30 countries.