Rainbow's End CEO says safety is his 'top priority'

The Rainbow's End rollercoaster (Rainbow's End/Facebook)
The Rainbow's End rollercoaster (Rainbow's End/Facebook)

The CEO of New Zealand's biggest theme park says safety is a top priority for the global amusement park industry.

It comes after four people were killed while on the Thunder Rapids Ride at Dreamworld.

Chris Deere from Rainbow's End is confident in their operational procedures.

"Delivering the highest levels of safety are fundamental to our industry, existence, and is part of every facet of our operation," he told Newshub. "It's an absolute top priority for us."

He says that Rainbow's End will study the investigation into the Dreamworld disaster to see if there's anything they could learn from.

"We will look with interest when the findings of the investigation are made public from over there and if there's anything we could apply here - any learnings or teachings - then we will certainly look at what those findings are."

Mr Deere has reassured the public that they have nothing to worry about at Rainbow's End.

"All rides at Rainbow's End are certified by WorkSafe NZ. The operating certificate that is issued by WorkSafe is valid for a two-year period," he said in a statement.

"All rides at Rainbow's End are checked daily by one of our maintenance team before being handed over to our operational staff.

"Our operational staff then complete a pre-operational check sheet before they operate the ride for the public."