Saving lives with pink pavlovas

Pink pavlovas could save a life
Pink pavlovas could save a life

A group of Dunedin students have put a new twist on the classic Kiwi dessert - they've developed pink pavlovas as part of a school business project, which is also raising awareness of breast cancer.

The 'Pink Ladies' from Columba College had the idea of adding a touch of pink to the traditional pavlova... but insist the new look hasn't spoilt the flavour.

"It's just delicious. It's like that kind of theory with triangle sandwiches and square sandwiches. Like, they're the same, but really triangle sandwiches are just better," says Caroline Moratti.

The pink pavs are the students' Young Enterprise project for the year, which they're juggling alongside their studies.

"And then when you put on top of it running a business, it's been a bit difficult. But we've really enjoyed the experience," says Simone Reid.

They've designed and marketed the sweet treat, with a portion of sales going to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

But the job of actually making the perfect pink pavlova was left to the experts at Cowell's.

"The good thing about it was the outside, we thought it would look burnt but it doesn't. And the inside is still very pink and it looks really good," says Matthew Heaton, managing director at Cowell's Pavlova.

The Pink Ladies have already sold over 9000 of their pavlovas through friends, family, and local supermarkets, with hopes of doubling that during October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

"Our slogan for October is actually 'take one for mum'. Because we know that the age bracket for breast cancer starts to increase around that mother age," says Ms Reid.

The limited-edition pink pavs will be sold in selected stores across the country - benefiting a good cause, and leaving a great taste in the mouth.