Skateboarding 2yo receives global attention

Wyatt Brown
Wyatt Brown

Auckland toddler Wyatt Brown may have just celebrated his second birthday, but he's already a global star.

A video of him on his skateboard has been viewed more than 40 million times over the past week.

It was taken by his Auckland skate coach but took off after it was published by the RIDE channel, owned by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

Mr Brown is now hot property and the family have since received messages and emails from news agencies and fans all over the world. One fan from England even wants to fly to New Zealand to meet young Mr Brown.

"A media company from the Middle East wants to interview him next week. It's very strange. Not sure what he's going to say other than what he had for breakfast," says Wyatt's father, Hadleigh Brown.

Mr Brown is part of a skateboarding family with siblings who are just as keen. Neither parents skate but are proud of their kids for their perseverance.

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