Teacher turns fighter after being inspired by student

Teacher turns fighter after being inspired by student

Teaching and fighting are not two things which normally don't go together. But teacher Gen Clements is going to throw punches.

She has agreed to take part in 'Fight Night' to raise money for Cure Kids after she was inspired by a student at her school who is also a Cure Kids Ambassador.

"We teach children to be courageous, to be risk-takers, to be caring, to be principled and all of those things, Bella Powell has taught me," says Ms Clements.

Student Ms Powell has cystic fibrosis and was born with a bowel obstruction caused by the CF. She was wrapped in cotton wool and bubble wrap after she was born and transported to Starship where a surgeon performed a 13-hour surgery to remove two-thirds of her short bowel.

She has been in-and-out of hospital since including a six-month stint a two years ago.

"It doesn't define me, I define it. And I've lived by that my whole life. I play sport, PE, dance. I do everything a normal kid will do."

It's Ms Powell's positive attitude that landed her the role of Cure Kids' Ambassador and now her teacher has turned fighter for her cause.

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